How did we get here?

Welcome! I’m glad you dropped by. This blog was started as an offshoot of  “The Wife’s and The Husband’s” highly acclaimed pandemic newsletter - Our Domicile Daily.

As the pandemic began to wind down, we decided it was time to wrap up ODD.  With that, the discussion around the editorial (aka kitchen) table turned to “What’s next?” I had been thinking of adding a section to the newsletter featuring some of our favorite recipes, so naturally I proposed that, and here we are.

Who am I and what do I like to cook and eat?

A little about me.  I’m a recovering technology consultant/computer programmer, professional musician (the trombone, if you must know), avid cyclist, amateur chef and devoted husband.  Not necessarily in that order.

My culinary interests are fairly wide ranging in terms of cuisine. I’ll cook and eat almost anything (“No, he won’t,” countered the wife—"ask him about peas and olives”).  OK…but I do like peas and olives in certain recipes (excuse her, she’s the editor, an over-the-shoulder reader).

I’m fond of relatively simple to moderately complex recipes. I’d call my preference healthy comfort food, if I had to pick a label.

I don’t mind some slicing and chopping to get a delicious meal on the table. That said, as I cook a recipe for the second, third, fourth time, I look for efficiencies in preparation. I do cook with meat, but not a lot, and I’m very interested in exploring vegetarian meal options.

What’s the point of this?

My first post, “Welcome to The Husband in the Kitchen” provides a full introduction to this blog. It dives deeper into what you can expect as the weeks pass and the recipes pile up.

I hope you’ll sign on!  Meanwhile…Bon Appetite y’all!

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